PhD and Novella

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31st July, 2020

Hi All,
So the city where I live is back in lockdown for six weeks. We are are at the half-way mark, but there is every possibility that it will be extended. So, for now I am at home working on my PhD, playing with my dog and baking (and eating) way too many chocolate chip cookies. The good news is that I have finished the first novella in my new series The Benevolent Society of Ill Mannered Ladies. It is booked in with my favourite editor and then, once I have redrafted, I’ll have to decide whether I release it myself, which was the original plan, or send it to my agent for a more trad publication route. You can check out what the series is all about on my Coming Soon(ish) page. 

Along with baking chocolate chip cookies, I have also been doing a bit of mild home decoration. We rent so we can’t do much, but I did stumble across Mixtiles, a great way to decorate walls for renters. All you do is send them your photos in a square format via their app and they frame them in these great frames with sticky backs that can be taken on and off the wall over and over again. I love them. I went with a black and white aesthetic of my hubs and I and, as you can see in the pic, voila, instant classy renter-friendly wall! 
Stay safe and well, peeps,
Cheers, Alison 

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