The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen 3)


Bath, December 1812

After the shocking events in London and Brighton, Lady Helen and Lord Carlston are now the newly forged Grand Reclaimer, a dyad of power bonded through blood and death. Yet they cannot control this terrifying new force between them. To find the way, they and their comrades take up residence in Bath, looking for the Deceiver who holds the key to their power and can help them find their nemesis: the Grand Deceiver.

Helen and Carlston are not only struggling to control their new dyad power. They must also contain their illicit feelings for each other as Helen prepares to marry the devoted Duke of Selburn. The wedding is fast approaching and Helen must juggle her imminent life as Duchess with the dangerous and unseemly duties of a Grand Reclaimer.

When an old enemy arrives in Bath bringing death and deceit, the final confrontation between Grand Reclaimer and Grand Deceiver is set into terrifying motion. Can Helen and Carlston finally unleash the power between them to save humanity from annihilation?

Set against a background of glittering Regency society, this thrilling finale to the Lady Helen trilogy hurtles to a shocking conclusion full of passion, betrayal and heartbreak.

The Dark Days Deceit is the third book in the Lady Helen trilogy published by Walker Books in the UK,  Penguin in the USA and Canada, Harper Collins in Australia (as Lady Helen and the Dark Days Deceit), and Gallimard in France (see En Francais Page).

Finalist: 2018 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel