A new Regency story!

Published by alisongoodman_fqoedp on

30th December 2020

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Can’t get enough of the Regency era? I am thrilled to say that I have written a brand new short story set in the Regency that will be appearing in an anthology slated to be released March 2021. The anthology is called Relics, Wrecks and Ruins and my story is titled:

(noun) a widow; a thing remaining from the past

The anthology has been edited by the very talented Aiki Flinthart, and check out who else has contributed stories: Garth Nix, Mary Robinette Kowal and Robert Silverberg (among others)! My story is a Regency space opera–think Bridgerton meets spaceships–and has a very cool space weapon owned by a Countess and some kick-ass action. Preorder will be up in January 2021.

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