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Alison Goodman.

2014 Appearances

April 2014

Alison will be running the inaugural JAFA Book Club at the
Jane Austen Festival Australia
Thursday April 10th to
Sunday April 13th
University House,
Australian National University



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Singing the Dogstar Blues

Joss Aaronson has two loves in her life: playing the blues and training to jump through time.

Then Mavkel, the first alien student on Earth, selects her to be his time-travel partner and Joss’s life gets a lot more complicated. There’s an assassin on campus, an anti-alien lobby group chanting slogans, and Joss is constantly being tracked by the tight security around her new friend.

Life with Mavkel is not all bad, though. Music-loving Joss is fascinated by him and his people, the Chorians, who communicate through song.

But Mavkel is pining for his lost twin, and his will to live is draining away. Joss wants to help him, and that means going back to the petri dish where it all began. She’s playing with history, but if Mavkel doesn’t survive, then Joss could really be singing the blues …

  • Winner of an Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel
  • Listed as a C.B.C. Notable Book
  • Listed as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults
  • Shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Literary Award, Best Y.A. Fiction
The Two Pearls of Wisdom

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Singing the Dogstar Blues


Looking for the original Joss adventure that inspired Singing the Dogstar Blues?
Click here to download a free PDF (84kb) of

"One Last Zoom at the Buzz Bar"
(Originally published in The Patternmaker, Omnibus Books, 1994)




Singing the Dogstar Blues (Australia)
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Firebirds Rising
Looking for another Joss and Mav adventure?
"The Real Thing"
A short story in Firebirds Rising.