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There has been a bit of confusion
about the various titles of the
first EON book, so please note:
The Two Pearls of Wisdom
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye
Eon (Australian 2009 paperback)
are the same book published by
different publishers.

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April 2014

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Thursday April 10th to
Sunday April 13th
University House,
Australian National University


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New York Times Bestseller
EON by Alison Goodman
The first book of the EON duology

The Two Pearls of Wisdom

Also published in the USA and Canada as
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
UK (YA edition)
Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye

Also published as
The Two Pearls of Wisdom


Previously published as
The Two Pearls of Wisdom
The Two Pearls of Wisdom

In a world of lies, the truth can be deadly …

Under the harsh regime of an ambitious master, Eon is training to become a Dragoneye – a powerful Lord able to command wind and water to protect the land. But Eon also harbours a desperate secret – he is in fact a young woman living a dangerous masquerade that, if discovered, will mean certain death.

Brought to the attention of the Emperor himself and summoned to the opulent court, Eon is thrust into the heart of a lethal struggle for the Imperial throne. In this new, treacherous world of hidden identities and uneasy alliances, Eon comes face-to-face with a vicious enemy who covets the young Dragoneye’s astounding power, and will stop at nothing to make it his own.

Eon is based on the ancient lores of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. It is a thrilling, timeless novel of deadly politics, sexual intrigue and dazzling swordplay set in a brilliantly envisioned world …

Winner - 2008 Aurealis Award, Best Fantasy Novel
Honour Book - 2008 James Tiptree Jr. Award
Notable Book - 2009 CBCA Awards
Shortlisted - 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Awards, 2009 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards,
2008 Western Australian Premier's Literary Awards
An ALA Best Book for Young Adults
A Bank Street College Best Book of the Year


Also available as an Audiobook from Brilliance Audio read by Nancy Wu



Reviews of Eon

Based on Ancient China and Japan, but brimming with fabulous overtones of Dragon Mythology, with dragon lore that is original and brilliant, giving the reader a new vocabularly to absorb and images to grasp. The background is dazzingly described, the food - edible; the costumes within a finger's grasp; the tension within the palace breathes down the reader's neck...A luminous fantasy novel which lives on.

Fran Knight, Read Plus

Goodman has produced an action-packed, well-plotted and actutely imagined fantasy that draws on the popularity of such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Anyone who enjoys kung-fu movies will devour this book.

The Age, August 9th 2008

A book full of secrets and dragons...moves at a thrilling pace...had me in its grip from the first page to the last.

Magpies intricate world, peopled with complex and sympathetic characters.

Australian Bookseller and Publisher

A remarkably accomplished novel.

Adelaide Advertiser

You want to lose yourself in a book? This is the one.

Cairns Post

"Author Alison Goodman proceeds to spin a riveting tale that will hold the interest of any reader... It's a lively and colourful read. One that's highly recommended."

Montreal Gazette

"The author's plotting is elaborate, smart and capable of taking the audience by surprise. Enthralled readers will be hard-pressed to wait for the story's second half."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

"A mesmerizing story, a world so richly imagined that it feels real. No detail is overlooked, from the smallest sensory description to the fascinating mythos of the elemental dragons. Entangled politics and fierce battle scenes provide a pulse-quickening pace, while the intriguing characters add interest and depth. Readers will clamor for the sequel."

Booklist, starred review

"Fast-paced excitement carries Eon through this tension-packed adventure, where victory can only come with self-knowledge. This adventure, filled with intrigue, friendships, combat and magical allies, is a winner."

Kirkus Reviews

"A refreshing change from the generic. This intelligent, vividly written tale grips from the first page."

The Times, London

"Alison Goodman has created a wonderfully well-rounded story in this, the first of a duology set in a faux Asian world. [Eon] deftly straddles the young adult and adult market. This coming of age story sports enough action and intrigue to keep the reader galloping along through Eona's trials and tribulations."

Courier Mail, Australia

"Fans of Tamora Pierce and Garth Nix will be riveted by this fast-paced gender-bending fantasy. Goodman's rousing mix of swordplay, magic, adventure, and Asian astrology is inventive and enthralling."

Parents Express


"Eon walks the tightrope between adult and child with consummate skill, immersing you in the atmosphere one minute and exciting you with intrigue and thrills the next, while all the time making Eon constantly reassess who are her allies and enemies right through to the cliffhanger finale. If part one of this story is anything to go by, part two is going to be a cracker, and I for one, cannot wait for it."

Sci-Fi London

"The girl-in-disguise plot gets interesting added twists and the blended Asian atmosphere adds plenty of color, combining to make an entertaining adventure."

LOCUS Magazine

"This complex, richly envisioned tale will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages. Incorporating elements of the hero’s quest with closely guarded secrets, ancient texts, mythical beasts and compellingly realistic political machinations, Goodman has created a gem. The action carries readers on a wild ride as Eon attempts to balance doing what is right with keeping herself alive against mounting odds. A richly developed historical and cultural background combined with turbulent current affairs makes this is more then a coming of age tale, this is fantasy writing at its best."

Monsters & Critics

"I loved this book. You will be drawn into Eon's struggle from the first page. The story contains an epic battle of good versus evil with the fate of the kingdom depending on an unlikely and unprepared hero that you can't help but love. This is a super young adult offering that other ages will love as well."

Armchair Interviews

"An intensely compelling read. Based off of Chinese and Japanese myths and legends, it is an exhilarating blend of mystery, suspense, and foreign culture and habits that will engross and entertain readers to no end. The ending is heart stopping, and the complete cliff hanger will most certainly leave readers yearning for the conclusion of this smart and drama filled duet in the next book--whose title is too much a spoiler to reveal yet, but hopes to be just as riveting and breathtaking."

The Compulsive Reader

"Eon: Dragoneye Reborn is a richly detailed fantasy that will appeal to anyone who loves stories of exotic lands, court intrigue, interesting characters, power struggles, secrets, and personal heroism."

Wands and Worlds Review